Smoking ban coming to a beach near you??

Jul 10, 2012
RE Hunter

Smoking ban coming to a beach near you??
Just down the road in Carolina Beach, another town is considering banning smoking from the shore. Town officials have assured the public that this has nothing to do with Wrightsville Beach’s coming vote. In fact, they are seeking public opinion and will be open to feedback during the town council meeting Tuesday night. Meetings are held at Carolina Beach Town Hall at 6:30 pm. Smokers and non-smokers alike seem to have strong opinions on the controversy. Whether the reasoning be the desire to have cleaner water, cleaner air, or cleaner beaches in general, the argument for the environment holds as one of the leading reasons to ban the habit.
So, what will happen? No one knows for sure yet. But, keep an eye on public opinion, or if you really have something to say, make your way down to the Town Hall on Tuesday night to have your voice heard. This decision is one that can impact the landscape of Carolina Beach for the locals and tourists alike. In my opinion, you can expect issues like this to only increase in years to come. As we collectively become a “greener” society, the environment is an increasingly hot topic. Stay tuned, there could be cleaner air coming to a beach near you.



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